Homeschooling. When you see or hear that word what do you see in your mind? For many people who are not familiar with homeschooling, they probably see an almost empty room with a chalkboard on the wall, a desk at the front of the room and a little child sized desk for each student. Yes, for those with little information on homeschooling they assume it’s the traditional school classroom replicated inside of the home. For some families this may be the way they have chosen to homeschool.

                The most wonderful advantage of homeschooling is the freedom to choose how you educate your child. You’re not stuck with a one size fits all approach to education. Trying to force every child to learn in the same way with the same methods is like asking every child to wear the same size and style of shoes throughout their entire childhood. It doesn’t fit!

                Every state has its own set of rules that you must follow in order to legally homeschool, but there is still more than enough freedom to allow your family to choose any method or style of homeschooling that works best.

                For example:

                If you like to follow a strict schedule than a boxed curriculum with predetermined time allotments and lessons may be the best option.

                If you’re very relaxed in your methods eclectic homeschooling is a better fit for your family. You choose which subjects require the most focus and use a little bit of this and that to form a perfect learning environment for your child.

                There are so many different methods to choose from when it comes to home education and that’s the best part: you don’t have to do what everyone else does to provide a quality education for your child. You know your child better than anyone else and you know how to use his interests to ignite a love of learning. Isn’t’ that the point of homeschooling?

                As homeschoolers we broke the mold when choosing to educate our children from home. It’s in our hands to make the best decision on how to instill a love of lifelong learning. There’s no right or wrong answer to this. The best answer will always be: whatever works for your family.

                Homeschooling is not, and will never be a one size fits all type of education. The method of choice is yours! Choose with love!

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